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    Relating Records in same Table



      Relating Records in same Table


      I want to be able to relate records in the same table together. I want to be able to link them together by giving the JobID of both records.

      What the portal should show then is the related records to that job. So for example If I make a record in RelatedJobs table and give it JobID's from 1 & 3 JobNumber MP000001 should show MP000003 like it does and MP000003 should show MP000001 but it doesn't.

      When I click on a JobNumber in the portal I have it set to go to related record but it doesn't.


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          Join table links are "one way". To create a "back link" from two to one requires creating a second record in the join table with the values in the ID fields swapped.

          This is something that you can script such that creating the first join table record automatically creates the back link join table record with the ID's swapped.