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Relating Two Tables

Question asked by BryanN on Sep 18, 2014
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Relating Two Tables



I'll try to lay out my basic relationships here:

  • Vendors and Customers are my highest level tables, all other tables are child tables from these      
    • Work Orders, Purchase Orders and Quotes are the tables that are child to Vendors or Customers (never both)           
      • I did create a relationship between Work Orders and Purchase orders for the purpose of deriving the Purchase Order # based upon the Work Order it is going towards

What I am trying to do is relate my Quotes to my Work Orders (so that after we receive an order from the customer, we can go back and connect the quote to the proper Work Order so we can reference it as need be.

For the life of me, I don't understand why I can't make quotes a child to Work Orders; I'm sure there is some basic database logic that's preventing me from doing this but I can't figure out why.  Work Orders is a parent to many child tables. 

Would making a separate table instance for wither Work Orders or Quotes be needed?  Scratching my head here.

Thanks all!