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relation graph relational database

Question asked by willem67 on Apr 21, 2009
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relation graph relational database


I use a many-to-many relation with a join table. It works well in my new databases.


Now I want to apply this technique to an database that I contructed a bit earlier. I found something strange in my relation graph:


In my new database the relation between the tables appears like a line with three little fingers (do not know how to call it...) on the side of the join table. In my other database it appears like a straight line without fingers; and my relations do not function well. Currently I believe that the lack of these finger is the problem.


Question: How do you make the three fingers appear where you want? (I did not choose anything particular for the database that does work very well; it just happened automatically). I did some tests and everytime the fingers ended up on the join table. But not with one particular database.