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Question asked by jeffd on Jun 13, 2011
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Relation Help


I need help in making a relationship work.

In my table Quoter I have a fields called Equipment Make, Equipment Model, Equipment Description and Equipment Type.

 In my table Machine I have fields called Make, Model, Description and Type. This table holds all of the machine's information that I use in Quoter.

In this Machine table I have many makes, each Make have many Models and each Model may have more than one Description. Also, but only each Model will be a certain Type.

I want to have Drop Down Value list in the Quoter table to do the following; For Make, show all makes( I can do this); for Model, show only models related to the Make selected (I think I can do this); for Description; show only descriptions related to the model selected; then for Type, show only the Type related to the model selected.

Thanks & Help, Please.