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    Relation only one way?



      Relation only one way?


      I have a relationship set up with a join table, but it only appears to be operating in one direction. I can make a portal to the projects table in the profiles table layout, but I cannot make a portal to the profiles table in the projects layout. When I try to set up the portal, it says the two tables are not related, but they clearly are. The two project tables are occurences of the original projects table.


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          Often, the portal should be to the Join table rather than Profiles or projects, but what you describe should work. Be aware that "tables" in these drop downs are really "table occurrences".

          You would need to select either

          DLF Projects New C... or DLF Projects new pr...

          for the projects layout in Layout Setup... | "Show Records From". (can't see full occurrence names in your screen shot)

          And then you'd select DLF Profiles from "Show Related Records From" in Portal Setup...

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            Oh I see. The layout I'm using must be showin records from the original occurence of the projeccts table. So, I'd need to make a new layout in order to relate the profiles. Thanks

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              Or redirect the current layout to one of these occurrences.

              Or add occurrences of the join and profile tables and link them to this occurrence of projects...