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Relation problem

Question asked by Joser on Sep 21, 2010
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Relation problem


Hello to you all,

could sombody please help me make the correct relation between tables.

I have got a databse with 3 tables

-  Files = several dossiers where a price has to be given by tenderers

- Tenderers = Various tenderers  comprising a price for a given dossier (file)
- missing article = missing items reported by some tenderers for a dossier(file)

Sometimes a tenderer announces a missing article, so he gives in the part number & price for this article

In a jointable i calculate the average of all tenderers for a specific item number who found the missing article. (See table 2 table layout join, post 7)

Aim now is to recalculate the missing article for all tenderers, including those tenderers who didn't have give a missing article.

I'm strugling for days now, but it will not work
I managed to get the fields that has to be calculated in the same portal, and yet I can not use them to make the calculation.

I made a little database to show where my problems is, but i can't get i uploaded to this forum, if someone would be interested to help me i can mail it to him,

Kind regards,