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    Relation Problems



      Relation Problems


           Hi all!

           I'm struggeling with my relations.
           Let brake it down first.

           I have an ingoing and and outgoing tabel.
           They have to be connected to either paypal or the bank table.
           See the image for my goal.

           But I can't seem to be able to connect them. Although I can't exactly wrap my head around it, I can imagine creating shuch a relation creates a loop. I can only create 3 out of 4 releations.


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               Yep. You can't have that loop. There can be only one "relationship path" from any given table occurrence (such as from Out_Outgoing to In_Incomming) to any other table occurrence in your relationship map.

               The key term here is "table occurrence". You are not limited to one "box" (called a table occurrence ) for any given table. You can create as many occurrences as you need. Thus, you can resolve the issue by either making a new occurrence of IN_Incomming or a new occurence of OUT_Outgoing and now you can link your tables without getting that "loop".

               Useful links to help you better understand how to deal with this:

          Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?

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