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Relation Report  -- Hight-Level Help Needed.

Question asked by DrDave on Dec 5, 2008
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Relation Report  -- Hight-Level Help Needed.


I have a database (Competitor) in a single datafile. I have a related database (AllItems). In the Competitor database, I setup a relationship to AllItems, using the key, Cid.


I'm trying to produce a cover letter, where I can say -- in essence -- following are the items that you have. Note too that I only want to display ItemType = "X" and most people will have multiple X items.


I created a layout in Competitor and began by putting a portal to AllItems. Here are the problems I have.


1) How am I supposed to filter the items in AllItems. I opened the AllItems database and set my filter, but when I goto the layout, all items are appearing.


2) What am I supposed to do so that items "slide up". Am I supposed to be using a portal for this.


Thank you for your help....