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relation test not running

Question asked by Gilo on Jan 6, 2014
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relation test not running




     I've got 2 tables, client and clipart

     In clients I have a field "check" which tests something and gives me a 1 if it's true and a 0 if not

     In clipart I have 2 fields, one is a tester (value = 1) and the other is a ok sign.

     I established a relation between the two tables, where i say client:checke = clipart:tester

     And it nearly works fine, only if i change something, and check goes from 1 -> 0 or from 0 -> 1, the ok sign does not refresh. If I click "refresh window" then it does show me the right clipart.


     How do i manage that the clipart checks everytime something changes and gives me the right clipart?