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    Relation trouble?



      Relation trouble?


      I have 4 tables: District ----> Owner ----> Calvesnumbers <---- Fencenumbers


      District-table is related to Owner-table (owner has district as a field). Owner-table i related to Calvesnumbers-table (Calvesnumber has Owner as a field) and Calvesnumbers-table is related to Fencenumbers-table (Calvesnumbers has Fencenumbers as a field).. Everything is OK so far..


      The problem is that i would like a table, or something (I have tried to use the table-calvesnumbers), where I choose which Fencenumber should include unique calvesnumbers (unique only for that fencenumbers-series) with owners connected to the calvesnumbers. 


      This means that for example Fencenumber 1 (or any other fencenumber for that sake) could have for example calvesnumber 1 and calvesnumber 11 connected to for example owner Stig. This means that Owner Lars could not have the same (calvesnumber 1 and 11) in the same fencenumber 1 as Stig. The same means for Stig; - he could not have calvesnumber 1 and calvesnumber 11 two times in the same Fencenumber 1.


      If we then talk about for example Fencenumber 2, it all starts over again. For example calvesnumber 1 and 11 could be connected to Stig again!


      Any solution, anyone? 

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          Thank you for your post.


          How do you know if a calvenumber is assigned to an owner?


          In order to see the unassigned calvenumber, you will need to create another relationship between Owner and Calvesnumbers tables.  While in Manage Database, click on the Relationships tab, and a graphical representation of your tables are displayed.  Click the lower left icon to create another table occurrence of Calvesnumbers.  You will then need to set a relationship to view the unassigned calvenumber.  Assuming there is a field "Assigned" in Calvesnumbers with the values "Yes" and "No", create a text field in Owners table with global storage and enter "No".  You can then use this field to link to "Assigned" in Calvesnumbers.  Then, you can display another portal that shows all the unassigned calvesnumbers.



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            Thanx for the answer! 



            How do you know if a calvenumber is assigned to an owner?

            I know that because the Calvesnumber-table has a relation to the Owner-table! .. That would assign the calvenumber to the owner, would it not?!
            My real deal here is to assign Fencenr. 1 ... 2 ... 3 .. and so on, to the owner and his calvenumbers.
            It would look like this: - In Fencenr.1 the owner Stig has calvenumbers 12, 45, 98 and so on. These calvenumbers must be unique for Fencenr.1 and belong to one owner only! But in Fencenr.2 Stig could have the exact same calvenumbers as in Fencenr.1...
            Hopefully you understand!
            You have any solution for this, please?