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    Relation with date fields



      Relation with date fields


      Filemaker 10 in windows network with server 9 

      Hi, I try to relate some order-lines with a search record.

      The table with order lines Lines.fp7 have:


      Delivery date

      Description and



      The serch table serchform.fp7 have:




      The relation has 2 criteria is like

      Lines.fp7 ProjectNr=Searchform.fp7 ProjectNr

      Lines.fp7 Delivery Date<Searchform.fp7 Date


      This way I would have been anble to wiev all lines for a project earlier than a special date.

      But when I add the date. It does not work.

      The larger than or less than does not seem to work at all in relations.

      All fields is indexed and has the same field type.

      Please help



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          Are the date fields of type "date" or type "text"?


          The relationship you describe should work if the fields are of type date. If they are type text, they will not work the way you want.

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            Yeah. Thats what I think to.

            The goal is to wiew the lines with past dates. So I I add the value for a cirtain project and a date, I would see the lines that has past dates only. The future dates I would not se.

            I have tried this in a compleetly new file.

            Can I send files here?



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              No, but you can upload the file to a file sharing site and post the link here.


              If you are sure that the fields are of type date. Try posting a more detailed description of what you are trying to do and how it doesn't work.


              For example: Are you trying to display the records in a portal? If so, how have you set up the portal? What do you see in the portal?