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    Relation with OR



      Relation with OR


      Is it possible to have a relation with OR?


      I have table A and B with the same fields. Now i want that if I enter Smith in tableA:name and I want a portal to show me all the data with tableb:name Smith.


      How do I get that to work?




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          ... and where are the OR needs ?

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            I have more than only a name field. It's 8 fields and I want to be able to enter 1 field, other 7 empty and it should show me in the portal all data equal to the 1 field entered, even if the 7 other fields do not correspond to the search fields


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              1) Create a global text field ( gSearch ) in tableA
              2) create a calculation field ( List ), result Text, in tableB with calc: List ( Field 1 ; Field 2 ; ... ; Field8 )
              3) In the relationship graph  create the relationship: TableA::gSearch = TableB::List
              4) Create a Layout based on tableA
              5) Put in that Layout the field TableA::gSearch
              6) Put in the same Layout a portal that shows the record of TableB containing the fields that you need to see.

              Now, whichever data you put in gSearch will show the related records into the portal.