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Relational Calculation

Question asked by AlKiedaisch on Oct 3, 2012
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Relational Calculation



Need some relational help. I have not used FileMaker for several years and have recently been asked to develop a solution for a friend. Now trying to come back up to speed.


There are two tables, say, General and Base. I would like my primary key to be based on the calculated result of three fields, “Country & State & City”. The same calculation exists in both tables. I have linked these two fields in the TO.


In the General table I want the user to select the country from a value list, then the State from a value list, and the City from another list. These three values would then determine which record to be accessed in the Base table.


When I have my key field set to combine these three values via a calculation it does not work i.e. data is pulled from mismatched records. However, when I set up my key field as a value list in the General table with these values already combined, all works properly with the related data, like population, flowing from Base to General.


Any thoughts or insights would be welcome.