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    relational database



      relational database


      I have little experience with building relational databases. I studied the manuals and did selfstudy excercices, but the examples were different.


      Iwant to build a simple database with names of pieces of art  (4000 records)  and exhibitions (500 records) wherenthese have been exhibited.  I think I need two tables: one with the names of the pieces of art and one with the names of the exhibitions.

      In the table of the pieces of art, I would like to be able to enter or select the names of the relevant exhibitions. At the same time I would like the name of the pieces of art to be mirrored in the the respective record of the exhibiotn.
      It seems that I need two portals that communicate with each other, though they are not identical. Not every piece of art was in every exhibition.
      As field for comparison I could use the name of the exhibition. These should be spelled correctly. I could use a validation list, based on the related field in the related tabele. But what if I change the name of the exhibtion, e.g. due to a spelling mistake. It seems that the change is not reflected back and therefor the mirror is broken. 


      Can someone advise me? Is my proposal feasable?


      With best regards,







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          Hi willelm


          You need a Many To Many relationship; one piece of art can have many exhibitions and one exibition can have many pieces of art.


          This is solved with a third table ( Exhibition Rows ).


          You haven't to use neither names of exibition nor names of pieces of art... you have to use IDs

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            Dear Daniele,


            This is exactly what I need. I understand the ID's completely. I also understand that I have to make a third join table.


            However, I am still wondering how I am going to fill the fields of this third (join) table. In this table I will have the ID's of the pieces of art and exhibitions. Do I have to fill these manually (with risk of mistakes) or can I have this done automatically?




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              It works very well now. I took a little while before I understoord that the join table is filled via the portals (if this option is clicked). But now it all makes sense to me.


              Thank you very much.