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    Relational Database structure query



      Relational Database structure query


           Our database needs restructuring, as we currently have a clients file, linked to policies and to claims.  Separately we have a quotes file.  What we should have is that when we collect the quotation data, if it turns into a policy, that the associated client data does not need to be input again, but I can't get my head around how to restructure the files.

           Any advice would be appreciated.

           Environment - Windows 8.1, 3 Users, FM Pro Adv 12.04




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               Option 1: Put your Quotes data and Policy data into a single table. Convert a "Quote" into a "Policy" either by changing a field's value or by duplicating the record and then updating the copy to show ti as a policy.

               Option 2: Make another TO of Clients and link it to Quotes exactly like you do Clients to Policies. When a quote needs to become a policy, simply create a new policy record and give it the same ClientID as the quote--something that can be scripted.

               The second option eliminates any need for double entry of client data as does option 1, but if there is a lot of data in a quote that also needs to be in the new policy record, moving that data from a record in quotes to a new record in policies is a more complex process, but one that can be scripted so that all the user does is click a button.