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relational database structure question

Question asked by ericjlindholm on Sep 25, 2011
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relational database structure question


I am currently using a database that I built last winter for my live production company.  It handles event details, invoicing, equipment and labor scheduling, transportation and other minor details.  I built it with the limited filemaker knowledge that I had by the end of last winter and had to implement it before my busy season hit.  I want to rework it to accomplish a few goals.

It needs to be scalable.  Right now I have enough fields per record so I can have a 9 day event with 7 labor positions.  It makes editing the database very tedious.  I think i need to create a line item relatoinship so I can have one record as an event day.  

I also need to not double book labor or equipment.  If a piece of inventory is committed to a record(event day)  it will not be available in the drop down list of available inventory on the same day.

Can anyone help me point me to the main macro layout ideas that i would need to start this?  I am sure I can run with it once I figure it out.  Thank you in advance.