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Relational Databases - FMP 6

Question asked by Bermudianna on Jun 14, 2011
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Relational Databases - FMP 6


I am using FileMaker Pro version 6 and need help on how i can use relational databases.

I am creating a database on employee information e.g. vacation time, sick days, benefits, insurance, salary etc. etc.

I have all my layouts created with information and they all work fine, except sick days.

I need to track the following:

- the date they went out of the office

- the time they went out of the office

- the hours they were off 'sick' that day

- the total # of hours they were out sick

- the total # of days they were out sick

- the remaining # of sick days allowed (10 - the total # of days out)

I have calculations to figure out all of that information but am not sure what to put into what database.  I want to be able to use the master database and see all the calculations.  I was originally using repeating fields so I could enter more than one entry per person but that created issues with the calculations.

Does anyone have any helpful advice on what to put into the relational database and what fields I should be 'matching up'?  Sorry for any unclear points I may have made, I am still learning about this program.