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Relational databases and search results

Question asked by JessicaCol on Feb 6, 2013
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Relational databases and search results


     I have in my database two tables. The first (main) table is Projects. The second is Members.

     Each Project has two or three members, and key information about these members shows on the Projects form using a portal with several rows. I believe this is a one-to-many relationship?

     The two tables are currently linked by the field 'Project Name' as this is unique to each project.

     Having performed a 'find' search for male members on the Members table  I would then like to be able to view the results in a list form or layout showing the members name and the project they belong to.

     However, the layouts I have managed to create will only show the first member for each project (regardless of whether they are male or not).

     How can I create a layout that shows all relevant members, especially when there is more than one per project?

     Thanks in advance!