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Relational databases: Info from one table won't display in another table's layout

Question asked by StewartRitter on Jun 18, 2012
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Relational databases: Info from one table won't display in another table's layout


I have four tables: Clients, accountants, attorneys, and charities. Accountants, attorneys, and charities are all related to clients in a many-to-one relationship. I want information about the client's accountant, attorney, and favorite charity display on my client record layout. Alas, it isn't working. I am having two problems getting the info to display:

1. I created pop-up menus to allow the user to select an accountant/attorney/charity for the client. However, only the charities pop-up menu displays all the charities that are stored in the system. The accountant and attorney pop-up menu only display the first accountant and attorney name & id number I created, not the other ones.

The value lists I created for each display two fields: name and id number. I have selected the boxes: "also display values from second field", "include all values", and "sort values using first field". Charity ID, Accountant ID, and Attorney ID are all indexed, auto-enter serial, required value, unique fields in their own tables and text in the Client table. I have not been able to identify any noticeable differences between the way I set up Charity ID and the way I set up Accountant & Attorney ID. 

2. The fields that I created to display the info for the accountant/attorney/charity (phone, address, etc) are not displaying any information at all.

The fields are setup to display data as an edit box from the attorneyaccountant/charity table, and I have selected "auto-complete using previously entered values".

I appreciate any and all suggestions!