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Relational DB - 3 fields matched to 1 field issue

Question asked by CD on Nov 1, 2010
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Relational DB - 3 fields matched to 1 field issue


This is for tracking back-ups:

I have a table of file folders, and a table of discs.

Each file folder can be on up to 3 discs, so in the file folder table I have 3 drop-down fields to pick a disc name from the disc table.

I've linked up these 3 fields to the disc name field of the other table in Relationships, but it's using an 'AND' connection for each instead of keeping them separate (or maybe if there's a way to use an 'OR' relationship it might solve things too)

The most important issue is that I can see what discs a folder is on because that's how i am entering the data, BUT not sure how to do the reverse of using the disc table to list all folders that are on each disc. 

A portal is only seeing items where all 3 drop-downs contain the same disc name, since it has that 'AND' between each relationship so all 3 have to be equal (or another operator, but none seem helpful, it's the 'AND' that seems to be the problem).

Thanks for any help