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Relational DB / Multiple Layouts

Question asked by ChrisB on Sep 3, 2009
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Relational DB / Multiple Layouts


I am attempting to create a video / post production logging system.


Table 1 will have an ID number, and multiple fields with project information.

Table 2 will have an identical ID number as Table 1 and will have multiple fields with tapes that are being used for the project in Table 1

Table 3 will once again have an identical ID number and will have multiple fields with hours that have been spent on the project.


Tables 2 & 3 will always have multiple entrys for 1 project.


It seems as though FileMaker is bunching everything together, for example if I am on layout 1 which has the project information, it shows 3 records. If I click on a button that takes me to add another tape to the project the record number changes to 4 and so on. If I delete all of the records on "Tape" Layout then it also deletes all of the records for the project.


Please advise on exactly what I am doing incorrectly.