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    Relational files not relating properly



      Relational files not relating properly


      After upgrading to FM Pro 11, I converted all my files. The related files were working perfectly in version 6. I have a mailing list file relating to the zip code file, when the city is entered in the mailing list, the state and zip were automatically filled in. With version 11 it doesn't work any longer. How do I set the relationships to fill in the other 2 fields? I have the two files linked by "city" but it's not seeing the related file.  Help! I am not familiar with this new version at all, please be step by step specific. Thanks!

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          I think this is how FM9 works.

          You may need to relink the files:  Best if both files were in the same folder.

          The two files need to be joined with a match field

          Use the City as the Matchfield in the City Zip file.


          In the Mailing List file also use City as the March Field


          In the Mailing List  file in the menu File / Manage/ Data Base/ select Relationships.

          You should see the Mailing List  file box of fields.

          You will need to find an select the City Zip file so it appears in the window.


          You then draw a line or link between the "City" field in each of the lists.


          If successfull


          Go back to the Layout in the Mailing List  file

          Draw down New Field, choose to see the fields in the City Zip file (instead of Mailing List) 

          and select field State

          also do the same for Zip


          The information in the City Zip file should appear in the layout of the Mailing List  file



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            Thank you for your response. I have broken all links and started over with fresh relational connections. I have linked the Mailing List file to the City/Zip file with the name of the city. I have also created a link from the Mailing List file to the City/Zip file for State and Zip Code., so there are 3 links shown on each Mailing List file and City/Zip file. In a new record, when I enter the City nothing happens. Before the upgrade, the State and Zip Code would be filled in automatically. Why isn't the City entry triggering the other two to be entered? Maybe I'm just slow with this.....

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              I'd advise searching this forum for threads on "match field". Using an auto-enter serial number as a match field will help you avoid all kinds of problems in the future. The match field should be meaningless and it never needs to be seen. A simple spelling error can mess up a relationship using "city" as a match field. The user should have no control over match fields.



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                ONLY HAVE ONE LINKED FIELD (Multiple linking fields cause many problems)

                I agree with RickWhiteLaw this should be a unique code.


                I suspect that in FM 6 you were using the Lookup option. If you wish to continue with using Look up then say so as the process is different.  You reply suggests you trying to use a LookUp


                The process outlined below is using related fields not lookups it is different.


                Working with what you have at the moment.

                Link ONLY the City fields from the  two boxes (one box being City Zip file the other the Mailing List file).  No more


                In your Mailing List layout you must replace the State and the Zip fields with the fields from the  City Zip file

                You do this by  drawing down the new field icon or creating a New Field and selecting the fields from the City Zip file. The fields will have " :: " in front of them. If they don't then you don't have the right fields.


                To test the link

                Go to the City Zip file and copy the name of a City.

                Then go to the mailing List file and paste that into the City field

                The State and Zip should appear