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Relational inputs - at wit's end!

Question asked by miw on Mar 26, 2009
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Relational inputs - at wit's end!


I have three tables, Rock, Location and Strata.  Location (one) is linked to Rock (to many).  So far so good in designing my layout screens and establishing my relationships between those two tables.  It's my Strata layout that I am having problems with.  I have Strata and Location linked to one another.  Any relationships I have between tables are based on the autocalc'd unique identifier for each table.  I want to establish a link between Strata and Location and then to a specific rock through the Rock table.  In my Strata layout, I want a popup field in which I can first select a Location and then go to another popup field where I can then select a specific Rock (only those found in that location, not all rocks).  I have tried all sorts of value lists, scripts, etc. without success; I cannot seem to get the Rock popup field to show just the Rocks linked to the Location.  What do I need to do?  Adjust the relationships?  A script?  If a script is the answer, please let me know what it would look like.