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Relational issue

Question asked by DavidDicken on Aug 8, 2014
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Relational issue


     I'm having some trouble figuring out why the address fields don't populate after I create the relation

     What I did was create a TO for the ShipTo , BillTo and SoldTo  sections of my sales order each getting a Primary Key UUID then created a foreign Key as a number in my SalesOrder TO for each of those. Then drew the connecting line creating a one to many for the Table Occurrences allowing records to be created and deleted

     I have tried to use a calculation:

     salesorder_CUSTOMERS_SoldTo::sold to City

     I have tried to use a Look up to no avail 

     I Think it might be the relation itself, but I'm not sure.

     It appears I can only send 1 screen shot per post. I have more should you desire. 

      I hope you can help.

     Thanks in advance.