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Relational issues

Question asked by RelativeNewbie on Sep 5, 2014
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Relational issues


I have a database with very many tables.  Most of it is working but right now I'm having problems with the Purchase Orders.  I have similar problems with the Time Sheets but any assistance with this problem would probably solve the time issue too.

Problem outline:

I have a PURCHASE ORDER table and a PRODUCT table which are joined via a linking table called LINE ITEMS.  I have the LINE ITEMS portal on the PURCHASE ORDER layout but want to reference 2 other tables in the portal row.  The 2 other tables being PROJECT and JOB.

The portal fields are as follows:

Item #          Project #           Job #           Product #            Product Description          Qty           Cost          Extended Price

Also the Job# must only display Jobs relevant t the Project selected.  

I have also attached a screenshot of my relationship graph.  Any advice would be most appreciated.