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Relational modeling 2 or 3 tables

Question asked by RockSure on Mar 31, 2015
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Relational modeling 2 or 3 tables



developing a data base to hold access codes. , not concerned about security issues and primarily used to make sure I do not issue the same code to more then one user and not to reuse the same code over once removed from a system

one user can have access to many systems.

A example of a system is Alarm, cameras, gates, key keepers, wifi access points, routers, keys ect. 

A system can have many locations, gate 1, gate 2, gate 3, alarm 1, alarm 2, wifi 1, wifi 2 , door 1 door 2 ect.

The ? is should I have 2 tables or 3

One user to many locations/passcodes and in just have a lookup in locations as to what system it is

Or 3 tables user to system and systems to locations/passcodes