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Relational Queries... is the one?

Question asked by themactech. on Oct 15, 2014
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Relational Queries... is the one?


Hi everyone...

First let me thank the folks that have given me some great advice and help over the past couple months. I appreciate everyone's kindness and willingness to contribute on this forum.

I have a products table... normal stuff... primary key.. product name, etc. This table is to hold any product/service that the company has to purchase or have available for sale. Some of the products(assembly items) are used to  build other products (sub assemblies) and sub assemblies are used to build the final product (assemblies)

I have a field called Product Use which is a drop down field where the user can select from a value list if this product is an assembly item, sub-assembly or an assembly.

I would like to have, on my products layout, a portal where the user can select the assembly items that are used to build the sub-assemblies.

I'm trying to figure out whether or not I need to create another TO and create a relational on the Products Use field but I think I'm confusing myself.

Thanks so much.