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Relational question for a certain scenario

Question asked by onamac on Jan 30, 2010
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Relational question for a certain scenario


Hi everybody. I used to do quite a bit in FM back in OS8 and 9 and will be buying FMP 10 (am trying demo now). I'm on OSX.


Anyway, what I'm wanting to accomplish is a scenario much like product information details, customers, and sales. I'm a songwriter so the song is the "product" with all the details of it like tempo, key, copyright, etc. Then there will be a contact database (i.e. "customer") which will be a list of people and their contact info. There will be another database that needs to show what song went to what person, (to whom the song is submitted, then licensed or "sold") (much like an invoice but not totally). It is this particular database that will need to show which songs went to one particular person; AND which people got one particular song. There will be other databases as well, and I will probably have them available within the layouts list.


Now, on each of these databases I could just again re-type the title of the song and the person, without being relational at all. This may work fine, but will probably be better as relational. For example, would I be able to "pick" a name from a [relational] list to use in the other database, such as song title, or person's name, so that it "knows" I'm talking about that song / person, not just random typed text that links to nothing.


I dug around in layout mode to my old databases to remember how I had done them, and much came back to me so luckily I didn't forget too much in getting around in the app. I don't remember the portal stuff (I don't remember that) and linked tables.


To make this scenario relational, would I use Portals / what would be the best way to start this?


Thank you!