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Relational records problem

Question asked by CMT on Jun 16, 2009
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Relational records problem


I'll try to describe here the problem I got using this simple example:


Let's say I have to tables with its fields:


Table 1: Product Order





2.Client ID



Table 2: Client




1.Client ID

2.Client Name 


The "Client ID" field of each table are linked with a simple equal relationship.


The "Product Order" table layout displays also the "Client Name" field from table 2. Also this field has a drop-down list that shows its table 1 record values.


When creating a new table 1 record, typing the ID on the Client ID field make the "Client Name" (that cames from table 2) shows the matching name. That's fine.


Now: When I don't know the client ID, I jump to the name field and select a clint name from the drop down-list. Here is the problem!!! The result of selecting an item is a message saying that this field cannot be modified until "Clint ID" is given a valid value.


I stuck on this. How can I make this work? So, when selecting an item from the client name field, the matching ID (that's on the "Table 2" field "Client ID" from same record) is found and automatically entered on the "Client ID" field from "table 1"?


Thanks a lot