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Relations creating duplicates

Question asked by JonasEkeberg on Jul 6, 2010
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Relations creating duplicates


I am making a research database and want to track different artists, exhibitions, publications and institutions in the art fied. In fact, in this database, everything should be connected to everything. For example. An artist can participate in several exhibtions and those exhibtions will in turn have several artists in them.

This will propably be many tables and relations in the end, but in order to get started I am trying to get the following to work:

I make one table for artists and one table for exhibitions. I also make a join-table in order to allow a many to many-relationship between the two tables.

On the artists layout I make a portal related to exhibitions in order to connect the artists to existing exhibitions but also to be able to record new exhibitions right there, on the artists table. In order to connect already existing records I make the related field into a pop-up menu that gets its values from the exhibitions list but which also allows for entry of other values (in order to add new exhibitions while working on the  artists layout).

On the exhibitions layout I make a similiar portal related to artists.

The simplest operation – to add records in the related table seems to work fine. But the relationship does not seem to allow me to connect a new artist to an already existing exhibition or vice versa, neither if I do it via manual data entry nor if I do it via the relational value-list. I always end up with several instances of the same exhibition. They do however connect back to the existing record upon completion of the data entry (!). And then the artist suddenly has several occurences of the same exhibition in the portal window and – as said – the same exhibition has ditto several records in the database?

Any tips on how I could solve this?!