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    Relations problem



      Relations problem


      I want to create a relation between Klanten (Customers) and Offertes ( Offers) , but it prompts me to create a new table ("Offertes 2") . How can I avoid having to do this since if I do this my relations don't work out in my portals.

      In case of confusion , other translations : Artikelen =Products  , Offertelijn = Offer record , Kassa = Sales, Fakturen = invoices.

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          You'll need an additional table occurrence (which is what this dialog is offering to do for you), but I suggest that you use the duplicate button (two green plus signs) to create the correct duplicate occurrence for your relationship instead of taking a 50/50 chance that FileMaker will duplicate the correct occurrence for you. The added occurrence should not keep you from what you want to do.

          See this link on Table Occurrences to learn more about this very powerful FileMaker Feature: Tutorial: What are Table Occurrences?