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Question asked by okten on Apr 3, 2009
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I am a new user of Filemaker. I am the director of a graduate program and I am trying to use Filemaker to keep track of our graduate students.


I have a table of students - each student record contains several fields some of which are devoted for the student's graduate committee members. The committee members are entered as different fields as: Member 1, Member 2,..,Member 4.  These members are faculty.


I have a second table that has the faculty data. Each record has the faculty name, department, etc.


How can I set up a relationship and build a portal so that for each faculty I can see a list of students for whom the faculty served as a graduate committee member.


For example, if Faculty John Doe was Member 1 in the committee of student X, and Member 3 in the committee of student Y, then I would like to be able to create a layout where I will have Faculty John Doe, and the students X and Y listed as students John Doe served as a member.


I will very much appreciate any help!



G. Okten