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      I have a company with 10 products. When a "lead or contact" in my database orders any of the 10 products, I select the items they ordered. (I created a value list of my products with a check box selection). I want to then convert the "lead or contact" in my database to a "customers". I want to create an area (A field that says "customer" with a box next to it) that when I select any of the 10 products (meaning put a check mark next to an item) the contact changes from a "lead or contact" to a "customer". Then I can simply do a search by customers. Hope this makes sense.

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          A calculation field set to return text can do this:


          If (isempty(checkboxfield), "lead or contact" ; "customer" )


          However, as Mr Vodka advised in another thread, you may want to consider a more flexible, normalized design.


          Specifically, two tables, Invoices and Line Items where each order generates a single invoice record plus one related line item record for each item ordered on that invoice. The individual line item records can be placed in a portal which is in turn located on an invoice layout.