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               i created a student relationship between studen and class table. and it is working fine. but now that i have created the relationship between student and fee table. its not working. i mean there is relationship made. but when i create a record in student table. no record is stored in Fee table.

           I am i doing somthing worng. or missing somthing?


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               Creating a record in one table does not automatically create a record in any other table. You'd need to set in place a script for that if you want it to happen automatically. (Often, you really only need create the related record at the time you first need to add data to that new related record and thus can create the related records on an 'as needed' basis.)

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                 But it is working for other table Student Class relationship. why it dosent work for student Fee?

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                   I can't get past the log in request for a password to see the design of your actual file so I cannot tell what you have set up in your file, but simply creating a new record in Student will not create a new record in Class. There may, however, be a layout where you have a portal to Class linked to student and it may look like you have a single blank row in the portal. But if this is what you see, it is not actually a record in the class table, it's the "add row" that appears in any portal when "allow creations of records via this relationship" is enabled in the relationship on which the portal is based.

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                     Plz try this link. I have uploaded it again.




                     Well, i have made a simple layout for student. Where i have added a field to class table. When i enter a new record to student and select class for student. it stores data in student and Class too.

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                       I have checked you file  and gotb the problem

                       Please find it from below

                       In your file your base layout is based on Student

                       In that layout you are entering  class fileds that's why 1 record is created in class.

                       If you will enter any field of the fee table in that layout then it will create a new record in that table.

                       Both the Relationship have the Allow creation of record. So just need to update one of the related table's field.


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                         Sorry, but i don't understand it. Because i am bit bad in English,

                         Can u Explain it a bit?

                         I mean, Yes, my layout is based on student table. if i enter a fee tables field, shouldn't it get new record in Fee table.?



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                           I'm looking at the "Main" layout and don't see any obvious issues. You mave a many to many relationship between students and classes. You have a one to many relationship between students and fees.

                           Creating a new record in this layout will create a new record in student. It will not automatically create any new record in any other table. But if you enter data in the Class or class year fields, it will create a related record in the join table.

                           The tab control panel for Fees are blank, so I don't see any fields on this layout for fees, but if you placed a field for Fees on this layout, adding data into that field would also produce a related record in Fees if such a record did not already exist.

                           Is there a different layout that I should be examining?

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                             No, thats is it for now. smiley