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           Hi all,

           I have a database and I'm trying to make three dropbox on a layout that would show seperate info from the same other table via releation. So here's what I mean.

           I have a table named project, in this table I would have three seperate dropbox let's call the product code.

           when I choose the first dropbox it would list all the records of the records in my Items list. and show beside the dropbox the info related to this item.

           When I choose the second dropbox it would show the same list and show the info beside has the first one. (but when I do that right now the two are changing when I change one.) what I need is to have them seperate I need two different entry from same related table.

           Wow I know this sounds like confusing. If you need more info let me know.


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               You can put two copies of the same field on the same layout.  Maybe a BeginDate field.

               You can set one copy to display Tuesday, November 28, 2013 and the second displays 11/28/13.

               They are displaying the same data in the same field in the same record.  Edit one, the other changes.

               They can not display different data, just in different formats.

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                 perhaps you should use a portal to a related table.

                 Then your drop downs in related info can use fields in the portal's table or a table related to the portal's table. This way, you can use several related records and be able to select different data in each. This is how you fill in a line items portal on an Invoicing layout such as is found in the starter solutions that come with FileMaker 11 and 12.