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           File1 has a relationship with FileCustomer  -  FileCustomer has a relationship within itself  -  can File1 get the information from the FileCustomer relationship within itself? or does it have to be a relationship in File1 that goes to FileCustomer relationship within itself? 

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               I assume that "within itself" means that you have two table occurneces of FileCustomer?

               File1 --- FileCustomer1 ---- FileCustomer2

               File 1 can look "through" the relationship to FileCustomer1 and access information in FileCustomer2 in most circumstances.

               Note that FileCustomer is a single Table with two occurneces.

               Is this what you are looking for?

               If not, can you be more specific of what you are trying to do?

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                 my understandiig after looking at customer Manage Database under tables it shows Occurrences in graph Customer, customer2,customer3  -  when writing a script from file1 im doing a "set field"  -  the set field "target field" is not one of these files  - dont see how to get calculate information -  is it possible?      

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                   You'll need to be more specific about what you are are trying to do. And I assume that when you said "file" you really meant "table"?

                   Please note that the "table occurrence context" as determined by what layout is current at the time the set field step is performed is a critical detail.