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Question asked by thong127 on Jan 25, 2015
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Hi All,

I am trying to show all the products that we ordered from our suppliers using a portal for printing & also in list view. below is the info of what Im working,

I have two tables (Products and Suppliers)

In my Product Table I have the following fields

PRODUCT MATCH ID FIELD   ; Text              ; Indexed. Auto Enter serial,

Receiving No.                             ; Number        ; Indexed, Auto enter serial

Product Name                            ; Text               ; Indexed

Manufacturer                               ; Text               ; Indexed

Supplier                                       ; Text               ; Indexed

Quantity Ordered                          ; Number        ; Indexed

In my Supplier Table the fields are the following

SUPPLIER MATCH ID FIELD    ; Text              ; Indexed. Auto Enter serial

Supplier Name                            Text               ; Indexed


The two tables is connected by the ( PRODUCT MATCH ID FIELD = SUPPLIER MATCH ID FIELD )

In my Suppliers table I have a portal setup that shows a record from my Product Table ( Show Related record from (Product) ; Sort Portal records ( Receiving No.) ; Filter portal records (Product::Supplier) but its not working

Any help rendered is highly appreciated.

Thank you so much!