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Question asked by KatNicole on May 26, 2015
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I would just like to ask how to successfully connect one field with the other successfully.

I have a table - GC Master List which contains the pertinent identifiers of gift certificates and to each addition to the list, the system generates a control number for it.

I have another table - GC Transactions where only GCs existing from the master list are accepted to transact, I would like to ask how I will be able to show the automatically generated control # in a field in this layout once a user encodes in a valid serial number?

Also, how to automatically reset the the control number  series back to "0" every day because my control number consists of the current date converted into numbers and a 000 series that is incremental by 1 for every record committed.

Hope you guys can help as I am really new to developing filemaker solutions. Thank you.