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Relationship / Lookup Issue

Question asked by StormyMaddux on Sep 27, 2010
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Relationship / Lookup Issue


In FMPro Advanced 11 for windows, I have relationships setup between two databases.  When you create a new record and enter first, last and birthday, it looks to the 2nd database, if a match is found, the remaining fields are to be copied to the new record.

It works every time when I import data from a .csv file.  It doesn't work when I manually enter records unless, I go to file, manage, relationships, click on the relationship, OK, OK.  Then if I retype the last name or the birthdate and tab out of the field, it works for that 1 record and stops again.

The previous person who used/setup the databases used a MAC and when I transfer the files back to him, it works as expected.

Any ideas?