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Relationship and Calc Question

Question asked by mgxdigital on Jan 13, 2010
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Relationship and Calc Question



I have 2 different tables that i am connecting. One is a Customer table and one is a Packing List table.

The Customer table shows details about each customer including contacts, phone numbers, shipping address, etc.

The Packing List table shows what the customer orderd and what was shipped including total number of items shipped and the ship date.


I want to connect them to where i can search a layout that is pulled from my Packing List table under ship date and it will list all of the customers that were shipped that day with their total number of items listed next to them.


Trick is, is that i would like to group them by customer.

A customer can purchase a few different items and a packing list is created for each item so that it can go on the outside of the box so that they know what material is inside. So customer A can order 3 different products and instead of my list showing Customer A : 5,  Customer A : 10, Customer A : 20....I'd like it to show Customer A : 35.


That is my relationship question.


My calculation questions is how to i write a calculation to sum the total number of items sold per customer instead of per day? I can get it to add everything that was sold per day, i just can't figure out how to seperate it.


Thank you for your help with these tricky questions.