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    Relationship and Lookups



      Relationship and Lookups


      I went from using Nutshell to converting all files to FrileMaker Pro 9. With Nutshell, I was able to enter a numerical code in one cell and the description would auto fill in the corresponding cell. This was done via a lookup. Now when attempting to complete this relationship in FileMaker, the auto enter is not occurring when the code is entered.


      I have a database with each code and that corresponding description and have created a table and relationship, but there is something that I am doing wrong. Any help would be appreciated.

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          Thank you for your post.


          When you define the relationship, make sure the numerical code in both tables are linked to one another.  If you have more than one field between the two tables, then the linking will not appear until all "key" fields match up.


          On your layout, create a portal (the tool just below the oval) and include the numerical code field and description field in the portal from the related table.  Go into Browse mode, and enter a code that you know exists in both tables.  Tab out of the Code field, and you should see the Code appear in the portal along with the description.  If this isn't happening, then you may want to check the relationship again, and make sure the Numerical Code field is identical in both tables.



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