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Relationship at Time and After

Question asked by ChrisJohnston on Oct 25, 2013
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Relationship at Time and After


     I would like to create a way to check off (mark) items in a portal, this will then be assets included with the creation of a task (via a script) for the record that holds the portal. The task needs to have these assets. If I just use a relationship and let the checked value list have barring on my Table Occurrence (obviously) the relationship will be invalidated when I reset the checkbox. Is there a way to have it be there at a time and then stay in place after the Task is created with the assets? If the above is not completely clear (sometimes it is difficult to explain what you are looking for with these tools), what I mean generally; Is it possible to have a relationship via Table Occurrence be valid only at only at the time of record creation, and then hold the result? Or any other way?