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Relationship based on a global field

Question asked by sparrowsfall on Feb 15, 2010
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Relationship based on a global field


I'm trying to create a relationship with a global field on the left side.


i.e., if the global field contains 1 (numeral one), a portal would show all related records that have 1 in the target field.


FileMaker won't let me do it. I get the little "T" endcap in the relationship pane (which, by the way, is *not documented* in the FileMaker docs).



According to this:


Note: A relationship can utilize a non-indexed field (such as a global field or a calculation based on a global field) as the match field for the relationship, so long as it is on the 'current file' side of the relationship only. In other words, the related match field must always be indexed, so the relationship cannot be based on a global match field on the right side of the Define Relationships dialog box.


It should work. I'm using the global field on the left side of the relationship, with a simple number field on the right side.


FM 10.0v3 in Snow Leopard.


Any help?