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Relationship Based On Specific Data

Question asked by JoshuaGagnon on Sep 8, 2014
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Relationship Based On Specific Data



I am very much a newbie to FileMaker and I appreciate the help in advance and i'm sorry if this is a very confusing question (or if I am so new I don't know how easy it is).

I have one database "StudentData" that holds, essentially, contact information for our students (biographical information, whether they are active or alumni in the program, etc.). I need to create a new database/table "AnnualReport" that takes biographical information from "StudentData" IF they are labeled as active in a specific field in "StudentData" and also has space for new values to be entered. I'd also like information the record in the "Annual Report" to be deleted if the student is deleted from "StudentData." Is this possible?

"StudentData" ------------------------> "Annual Report"
Biographical Info                            Has records w/ Bio. information from "StudentData" IF active
                                                       New record created when a new student is added in "StudentData" IF active
                                                       Can create new values in these records to run full annual report