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Relationship Between Film Rolls

Question asked by JohnMozzer on Jan 18, 2011
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Relationship Between Film Rolls & Photo Sets


I've created a database in a single file with two tables, Film Rolls and Photo Sets.  Each record in the Film Rolls table has a unique Film Roll I.D.  Each record in the Photo Sets table has a unique Photo Set name, and is related to one or more Film Roll I.D.'s.  Also, more than one Photo Set record may be related to the same Film Roll I.D.  I'm manually entering the related Film Roll I.D.'s into fields in the Photo Sets table, Film Roll ID1, Fill Roll ID2, Fill Roll ID3, etc., using whatever number of fields is required by the number of related Film Roll I.D.'s.

I'm trying to create a portal in a Film Roll layout showing the Photo Set name(s) related to that Film Roll.  I'm thinking the approach should be using the Film Rolls table as the starting table, and the Photo Sets table as the ending table.  The unique Film Roll I.D. in each Film Rolls record needs to be set up to be compared with all of Film Roll ID1, Fill Roll ID2, Fill Roll ID3, etc., in each Photo Set record.  Then the portal should display the Photo Set name(s) of the records where a match occurs.   It seems I need an "OR" operand when setting up the relationship.  But I don't see an "OR" operand.

Perhaps visualizing the relationship would be easier if I explain it this way.  Each Film Roll record represents the physical roll of film that was in the camera.  Each Photo Set represents a particular time and place.  The same roll of film may have been shot at more than one time and place.  Also, at a particular time and place, I may have put a new roll of film in the camera.

Perhaps there is a better approach to setting up the relationship.