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Relationship between Invoices and Customers

Question asked by Ndaba on May 25, 2011
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Relationship between Invoices and Customers


Thanks LaRetta for the walk through and advice you gave me to establish Customer IDs and Lookups the other day. Couldn't find my last post so here is a new one. Its taken me ages but I've learnt so much and I think I'm pretty close to what I was after. Now when I create a new blank invoice in my Invoice Database, I can type in a customer's ID number that matches the one in my Customer Database, and as soon as my curser touches down in another field the rest of their details are automatically completed in my new Invoice. But, somehow I've mucked up some coding or turned something on that should be off etc. along the way. I'm using Lookups to get all the fields like Names, Business, Street, Suburb, City, Email and Phone from my Customer Database into my Invoice Database, (what a time saver) but aswell as those fields I'm also getting all the Line Items like Products, Description, QTY, Pricing etc. from their last completed Invoice. So frustrating! I know I'm so close yet so far from completing this feature. Do you have any suggestions? Hope I've given you enough info to guide me? Don't worry I backed up everything as you suggested, and am only working on copies of my two databases. Thanks again for all your help.

Cheers Ndaba.