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    Relationship conversion



      Relationship conversion


      I recently upgraded my FM5.5 to FM 9 and the conversion process went okay until I noticed one of the data base relationships is not working out. In one of the three databases the relational field does not populate correctly. When I select the field the value list is doesn't fill the way it did in the previous version. When I open the related file to see what is going on there are new records  in that database that I didn't want to be created. I see the allow records to be created option in the table edit but when I un-check it the field in the other database becomes unusable. I am confused with the new relationship options and it doesn't seem to work no matter which box I check or uncheck. Has anyone else had this problem ?

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          I understand what you are saying, but I can't quite grasp the possible problem unless I see some actual data.


          Can you tell us what you are seeing?  What would you like to see?


          What are you trying to accomplish?  And, what "roadblocks" are you encountering?  Feel free to use sample data.  It may help determine the possible cause(s).



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