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Relationship Database for Web Content

Question asked by ambertwist on Jun 29, 2010
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Relationship Database for Web Content



I am trying to create a database for web content. We are currently developing a prototype web site and I need to create a database that will house all content now and in the future.


The web content will be centered around physics but there are very few relationships that exist between content types. An example would be an article review section and YouTube video section with written physic's explanations. I can't find solid relationships between the data.  



I want to be able to search this data and am not sure how to start building the database. Has anyone ever used FileMaker for housing their website content? How did you do it? Did any of the templates or tutorials help you? These questions may seem very vague but this is my first time participating and I am not sure how to fully articulate my problem. I would appreciate any help provided.