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Relationship design

Question asked by CamillaBarker on Nov 18, 2014
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Relationship design


Hello All, I recently received lots of help for this matter on this forum and it would all be working fine if I hadn't come across a further complication to my issue that I am not sure how best to make work. Please bear with me as this is my first time using Filemaker Pro. Please see the image with this post to see my database.

My issue is with the Table / TO "ArtistPhotos". Here's what I would like to acheive:

-All ArtistPhotos have one Artist (hence the relationship created in the diagram)

-Some ArtistPhotos may have one Artist as well as one Gallery

-Some ArtistPhotos may have one Artist as well as one Exhibition but not a Gallery

-Some ArtistPhotos may have one Artist, one Gallery and one Exhibition

If I make second occurrences of the Gallery and Exhibition tables as parent tables and link them to the ArtistPhotos table as a child table which is what I think I am supposed to do, please might you be able to help me understand how to present the information in record creating portals on the various layouts so that there are fields showing the gallery, artist and exhibition the photo is linked to but that when there is no link, that particular field just remains blank and does not have to be filled in. Equally in ArtistPhotos I'd like to be able to sort by photos linked to galleries, or photos linked to Exhibitions, or both. (They will all be linked to an Artist.) I bilieve that if I set the relationships all up correctly this last sorting issue will be easily self expalanatory but just in case it isn't I'd welcome any tips.

Your help would be much appreciated,

Thank you,