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Relationship diagram between customers, contracts and invoices

Question asked by sblunden on Jun 12, 2012
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Relationship diagram between customers, contracts and invoices


OK I tried to search for a similar situation but did not find and answer so I will try to explain my situation as best as possible.

I have 4 main tables: Customers, Contracts, Invoices and Products.

I am having a problem with the relationship between customers, contacts, invoices. 

Customer signs a contract and pays for it on an invoice. If customer renews we would just make a new invoice with an exsisting contract so there can be multiple invoices for 1 contract. Of course customers can have more than 1 invoice. It is also possible to have an invoice without a contract, IE a customer could simply purchase an product with out a contract.  

My thought on workflow.  Enter customer contact info. Tap (this is for an iPad solution) a button to add a new contract from the customer record, enter contract data (with ability to printer contract) then tap a button to create a new invoice for that contract so the invoice shows the payment is for a specific contract. So it needs to bring the customer and agreement IDs to the invoice.  Or i can skip the contract and go straight to an invoice from the customer.  

So I figured I would need some join tables but its just not clicking for me.


here is a basic diagram (but I feel like I am missing a relationship)

Customer ----< Customer/Contracts Join  >----- Contracts -----< Invoice ----< Line Item >---- Products


My analysis:

Customers may have multiple contracts

Customer may have multiple invoices

Contracts can have multiple invoices

Invoices may have 1 contract or no contract 

Invoices may have multiple line items.



Options: customers will typically have a contract so if they make a purchase of a product without a contract I could simply make it and invoice for the contract they have on record.  While no contract would be required for the purchase I could tie it a contract on file for the customer.

I could manually (or from a drop down value list) enter an agreement number on invoices instead if it being automatic.  


I am relatively new to FMP so I am hoping a more seasoned user can help.  I have filemaker 12 on Mac.  Final product will be using Filemaker Go on iPad.  


Thank you in advance!